Iron Addicts

Packaging rebrand for the iconic Signal Hill gym’s line of performance supplements. Owner and 6X World Champion C.T. Fletcher wanted a new design to showcase his comic book-style illustrations. By keeping the emphasis on the dynamic superhero imagery and creative product names, we helped bring

Legacy Brewing Co.

Unhappy with the creative developed by another design firm, this craft beer maker was seeking an identity that better aligned with their company’s vision and attributes steeped in American tradition. The solution was a logo that embodies freedom, legacy and country by incorporating strong iconography

Low Man on the Totem Pole

Logo and cover design for a book providing insights and strategies to help the employee in all of us realize their full potential. The symbolism of the totem pole works on two levels: it resonates with the viewer who may feel they’re undervalued at the


The Art of Caramel

Design development of the brand logo and product packaging for a small-batch popcorn start up. The idea was to show off the product itself, packaged inside of glass containers for corporate gifts and high-end retail stores to more efficient sleeves for smaller sizes and chain